Motor City Comic Con 2009

I have been doing comic conventions off and on since 1994. I started going when a magazine I did with some friends got picked up by a publisher and we went to start promotions for the thing. I have since been going to promote my writing and to sell books. This year I was there to sell books and art, if I was able. I had a lot of stuff but nothing really moved. I had a decent time over all though. I will say that cons have changed. It used to be the fun of the con was the comaraderie and the friendships you built but it isn’t so much like that now. People are there for work, and if they get to know you then cool, but if not, then that is cool too. It’s weird. I miss the days when it was a big weird family by the end of the weekend. I miss that a lot.

Here’s what some of the con looked like for me.

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