The Spooky Chris Podcast Episode 35 – Awards Season

In which I talk a little about awards season.


There's a point in your  adolescence that every age beyond your own seems old. So very old. So distant. Thirteen you can go to 'PG-13' movies. Fifteen and you can learn how to drive. Sixteen and you can drive. Seventeen and you can get into 'R' Rated movies. Eighteen and you can vote - and… Continue reading 40

Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 3

And, it’s over. Take down the banners, put away the tables, and take a bow kids ‘cause the whole show is over. Phew. Sunday is usually a drag of a day because it’s the slowest of the days, the end of a long weekend, and by this time I tend to be under-slept and over-sugared.… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 3

So Where the Heck Have You Been?

Ok, not that anyone noticed, but I haven't been as active on here this week, and for that I apologize to, well, no one as there are not a lot of people poking around here. I mean, sure, some of you go and peek in the garbage but there isn't much to find there, I… Continue reading So Where the Heck Have You Been?

Motor City Comic Con 2009

I have been doing comic conventions off and on since 1994. I started going when a magazine I did with some friends got picked up by a publisher and we went to start promotions for the thing. I have since been going to promote my writing and to sell books. This year I was there… Continue reading Motor City Comic Con 2009

Who I Am…(for those of you just discovering me)

Hey there, my name is Chris, and you are? Great, great, great. Thanks for coming by________. It's great to see you again/for the first time. Super. Yeah. So, what's that, who am I and what do I do? Why ______________ I am glad you asked. My name is Chris Ringler and I am a writer… Continue reading Who I Am…(for those of you just discovering me)