Catching You Up

As I sit here and edit the first of two books I will have out this Spring I ponder that there are scads of people that are not really sure who I am or what I do. KNAVES!Now is a perfect time to catch up before the zombie novel and the last of the Meep… Continue reading Catching You Up

Handling the Business

I think it's safe for a writer to say that it's pretty much ALWAYS frustrating when you are trying to get your name and work out there.  It's not there is no 'easy' way because I think if you're willing to pursue a dream you get over the 'easy' aspect of it pretty quickly.  Easy… Continue reading Handling the Business

This Beautiful Darkness- Now Only $1 On Kindle!

I am very happy to announce another book available for AMAZON’S KINDLE that is only a dollar to buy. Here is an excerpt from one of the stories in This Beautiful Darkness - The Place Things Go To Die   For as long as this place has existed, they have come here to bury the… Continue reading This Beautiful Darkness- Now Only $1 On Kindle!

Noches De Corazones Negros–book sample

This is a sample from my newest book Noches De Corazones Negros Little Mean Things It was a mistake. A monster. A thing that was not one of nature’s special creatures. It had no right to exist in a world of warm sunshine and cold science, of technology and dead gods but which existed despite… Continue reading Noches De Corazones Negros–book sample

A Book, Is A Book, Is A Book…

With the advent and infiltration of the e-reader and the tablet into the marketplace and popular culture there is a sudden rising fear with writers and readers alike that the book as a physical thing is in its last days, something that is sorta sad and funny at the same time. It isn't sad because… Continue reading A Book, Is A Book, Is A Book…

E-Book Cummings

I think that most writers these days have their minds turning from time to time to the subject of e-books. It is hard to deny that, knock-knock-knock, the future of the written word is here. Sure, it will take time for things to change over, and the book and printed word won't 'die' for a… Continue reading E-Book Cummings