Brief interview with me is up on the Michigan Times website.

Article by Annette Wierz

UM-Flint alumnus Chris Ringler promoted his second book “This Beautiful Darkness” at Pages Bookstore Oct. 9.

Ringler was born in Flint, raised in Linden and attended Lake Fenton High School. He attended Mott Community College and then UM-Flint where he graduated in 1997 with a B.A. in English.

When asked about what started him on his writing career Ringler said, “I began writing as a teenager and got serious about it when I turned 18. I published my first book, a book of short stories called ‘Back from Nothing’ in 1999.”

Since then, Ringler has had his work published in periodicals, online and in a magazine.

“I put ‘This Beautiful Darkness’ together with the help of my girlfriend and it came out in July,” Ringler said. “I had always wanted to be a cartoonist but kind of fell out of love with art and in love with writing as a way to be creative, as an outlet.”

This is not the first book signing that Ringler has done.

“I have only done a couple signings, both in Flint, and it’s fun. It’s more fun to do it during Art Walk, and to make it part of a fun event that is more than just something about me. The idea of a book signing for me, and it all about me was just weird, so I wanted to get other people involved and make it bigger.”

Being a writer is just half the battle though, it is difficult to get your story out there in the writing world.

When asked about publication and publicity of his works, Ringler said, “It’s hard to promote anything, for sure, but the book is a challenge. I don’t know that you can fully appreciate how much work you have to put into doing it yourself unless you do. You have to believe in what you’re doing completely, though, and just keep pushing.”

Ringler said it’s important to get book copies into people’s hands. “You have to get the book into stores, into people’s hands, into their friends’ hands. You have to build a buzz for it. And all of that work comes to nothing if the book is no good. The dream is always to find a publisher that will get my work out but until then I will totally get more books out. Hopefully, next year my kids’ book will hit. We shall see though.”

Ringlers’ book, “This Beautiful Darkness” costs $10 and can be purchased by following this link:

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