New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

The year is winding down and as it does, so do the events I am in. This past weekend I did the second Books and Authors event put on by Leon & Lulu’s down in Clawson, Michigan. Leon & Lulu’s is a fun and funky furniture and knick knack store set up in an old roller rink. It’s hard to sum up what they sell exactly other than to say…a little of everything. This year’s event was another well run machine with even more authors than last year (double I think) and just as much energy. I only sold a couple books but it’s hard to complain when there’s free snacks, energetics staff and authors surrounding you, and you get to sit on a terribly comfy couch all day. I spent most of the day chilling on the couch with the lady but managed to snap a few fun pics of the store. You’ll also find my newest painting. Acrylic on canvas and such.

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