You Know, Without The Pretense

Oh to live in a world of art without pretension.  A world of writers without grandstanding.  Le sigh. There is something of a mystery with artsy folk and writers.  There’s a sense of disdain for other people that work in their same trade.  It’s sort of like how petty music people will act when the… Continue reading You Know, Without The Pretense

New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

The year is winding down and as it does, so do the events I am in. This past weekend I did the second Books and Authors event put on by Leon & Lulu's down in Clawson, Michigan. Leon & Lulu's is a fun and funky furniture and knick knack store set up in an old… Continue reading New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

But In the End…So What?

The last thing you ever want to hear when you create something is a negative reaction. Sure, you steel yourself against the inevitability of the comments but nothing quite salves the sting once the arrows are loosed. Nothing really prepares you for what people will say. And as an ‘artist’ you have to get over… Continue reading But In the End…So What?