Spooky Chris Podcast Episode 22

In which I talk about the artists and creators working in the darkness of obscurity.

The Art of Art

The Art of Art In the rush to embrace the next trend, crown the next genius, and jump on the next bandwagon I think we forget that art is about you. Or rather You. Art is a lot of things, so many things that people get years of schooling just to tell others what is… Continue reading The Art of Art

Why We Do It

Every so often I find myself asking - why do I do this? And sometimes I don't know. Sometimes I am just staring up from the bottom of a deep, dark well and I honestly don't know why I do it. Why I write. Why I paint. Why I draw. Why I take photos. Why… Continue reading Why We Do It

You Know, Without The Pretense

Oh to live in a world of art without pretension.  A world of writers without grandstanding.  Le sigh. There is something of a mystery with artsy folk and writers.  There’s a sense of disdain for other people that work in their same trade.  It’s sort of like how petty music people will act when the… Continue reading You Know, Without The Pretense

New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

The year is winding down and as it does, so do the events I am in. This past weekend I did the second Books and Authors event put on by Leon & Lulu's down in Clawson, Michigan. Leon & Lulu's is a fun and funky furniture and knick knack store set up in an old… Continue reading New Art and Another Fun Event is Over

Guerilla Art Show/The Art of 625

I have lived at 625 in downtown Flint for nearly five years now and I don't know if I will ever know how deeply this place has affected me. It is here where I put together my second and third book, where I got published in Bare Bone and in Cthulhu Sex, and it is… Continue reading Guerilla Art Show/The Art of 625

But In the End…So What?

The last thing you ever want to hear when you create something is a negative reaction. Sure, you steel yourself against the inevitability of the comments but nothing quite salves the sting once the arrows are loosed. Nothing really prepares you for what people will say. And as an ‘artist’ you have to get over… Continue reading But In the End…So What?

Art and Books for sale

Why, hello there, stranger. Nice to see you here. If you like what you see around the joint, take a walk over to the right side there --------------> and click on the Stuff for Sale link where you can find all manner of paintings and books I have for sale. You'll be glad you did.… Continue reading Art and Books for sale

The Death of Community Art

Few things are as heart wrenching as watching someone you love die but I can tell you that watching someTHING you love die can elicit similar pain and heartache. It is torture to watch something you worked on and poured your passion into as it dies, worse when you see it dying but can't stop… Continue reading The Death of Community Art

Art With a "Message"

I can be called many things but an elitist is not one of those things. I grew up a dork, and remain a dork to this day. That is who I am. And having not done art since I was a teenager, I am a self taught artist, so any ego I have about my… Continue reading Art With a "Message"

Guerilla Art Show – the show that was

For the past three years some friends and I have been putting together indie art shows in downtown Flint that we called Guerilla Art shows - the name deriving from what my landlord called the first one he had us put together, he wanting a 'guerilla art show' in the building where I live, on… Continue reading Guerilla Art Show – the show that was