Red Dreams

OK, here we go.

The new book is called Red Dreams and is a collection of dark stories similar to 2009’s This Beautiful Darkness. Generally newer work with a couple older pieces dusted off and thrown in there. Most of the works are freshened up. The book is 214 pages long and is a paperback and is built for travel. The book’s cover photo I did with the help of the lovely Amanda Emery, who allowed me to fake blood her hand up for the photo. The layout I did in MS Word ’07 thanks to a template CreateS pace has. It took a couple tries but i nailed it. Amanda went through and zazzed up the page numbers and made sure it all looked ok (though if there are issues then it’s all my fault as I am the one who went over the thing the closest). The cover concept had been floating around with the name for a bit now, but it changed from a drawing to a photo when I realized the art just wasn’t going to be able to come out as clean as I would have hoped. I liked the idea of changing things up as well and going to a photo cover for the first time. Marcus Bieth put the cover together for me when my first attempt was having some issues.

I love this cover.

It reminds me of an old paperback book. I dunno what other people will think – ahh, ghastly – or – ahh, lamely – but I like it quite a bit.

I need to get a press release together that I will send around locally and post after the first. I will have the book for sale on the January first, the same day I hope to have the Meep Sheep website up and live. Not sure on a price for the book. I wanna upgrade to the pro plan which lessens my cost so I can see what I want the price point to be. I think I know but wanna be sure.

Finally, wow, another book, so soon?

Yes. I have several hundred stories written and am constantly writing. I also have an unpublished novel (which I plan to have out in 2012). I will actually release another book in the Spring. Why? Because I can. I have the stories, the books are not that hard to put together, and I would rather die knowing I got out as much of my work as I was able and didn’t waste my time waiting for some magical publisher to come down from on high to grant me some sort of legitimacy.

I believe in this book, I believe in these stories, I believe in this process, I believe in you.

I may not sell a ton of books but each book I sell means the world to me because someone took a chance on me as an artist and writer. I put my heart into these things and I hope it shows.

Thanks for letting me keep doing it and keeping any interest you may have.


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