The Kreep Sheep approaches

Finished the writing for The Kreep Sheep and am on to the editing, sometimes the most fun and arduous part of the whole process. Editing is always interesting because you get to refine the story and re-discover it and make sure it woks. With this book it’s a matter of making sure the facts match up with the already established mythology I set up with The Meep Sheep and making sure this has its own life to it. This is more of a history of the world, it’s people, places, things, but also has some of the other stories of this place and what makes it what it is. The fun, and weirdness of this book is that while the stories stand on their own this is truly a follow up to The Meep Sheep and works better in tandem with it. I can’t say I would ever do a book series outside of this but this is definitely fun. It’s really interesting to be able to re-examine this place and to tell new stories here. Having said that…this is the end of the line of this stuff for the foreseeable future. A day may come when more stories are told having to do with this place and these people but after The Kreep Sheep I am moving on to the novel and will begin working on getting that ready for publication next year. And after that…who can say?


For now I am simply happy to spend this time in the Kingdom of Man with the Pandas, the Kreep Sheep, the Queen, the Bumble Kitties, and all the rest and hope you’ll come along for the journey this Spring.


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