Something Awesome, This Way Comes…

So, I have said before that I have been doing conventions for ages, well, my first, the first that I did as a guest, was in 1994 and I have been going pretty steady since then. I fell in love with conventions when I was a teenager and went to the two Weekend of Horrors events that were held in Detroit. These were amazing shows that were like a wonderland for a young kid into horror and it left a deep impression on me. Since I have been going to conventions though I have wanted to bring one to Flint, my adopted home town. I have lived in downtown Flint for five years now and have been a regular there since my twenties. It’s a great city that has so much to offer and not enough people working together to make those things happen. My friends and I started doing indie art shows, rummage sales, book events, and anything we could think of to show people what a great town this still is. Much has changed here but this is a wonderful place with great, talented people and a deep love of horror. After years and years of dreaming of a day when we could do this, when my friends and I could take what we have learned going to conventions and putting shows together and create something special for Flint.
Now is the time.

October 29, 2011 the Flint Horror Con will make its inaugural appearance in downtown Flint, Michigan. We are working hard on this and it is going to be amazing. I cannot wait to reveal more. We are working to make this a fan friendly, vendor friendly, and guest friendly show that is inexpensive and fun. We want this to be the first of a long line of these and we want you to have as much fun as possible. That is the only reason to do it, for everyone to have fun.

Flint Horror Con

October 29, 2011

Downtown Flint’s Historic Masonic Temple

12PM – 10 PM

$10 entry

For more info check our Facebook site –


WEBSITEFlint Horror Con

We will launch a website soon.

If you have questions email us –

5 thoughts on “Something Awesome, This Way Comes…”

  1. To bad you couldn’t get Kim Paffenroth, since he used to live in Michigan, but another Michigan author, Raven Bower, wrote Apparitions (horror novel), and it’s in production for a movie now (Alan Rickman has already been cast for the film). I think she would make a great guest.


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