Something Kreeps Over the Horizon

Well, last night was a pretty important night in the life of the new book – it was the last day of editing on The Kreep Sheep, which means that the hard stuff is done.

Well, not really, it just means the editing is done.

I am pretty stoked. I set deadlines for myself as to when I want projects done and when I want to move on with them and I had targeted May as the release of this book and it’s looking like it will hit that without issue. And May means that the book will release at the Motorcity Comic Con, in Novi, Michigan, a show I have done for a good many years.

The Kreep Sheep is a sort of appendix to The Meep Sheep and tells some of the history of that land, its places, and its people. Here you will find out where some of the heroes of that world came from, as well as some of its enemies, as well as what  happens with some of the people you met in the first book. This was not a planned book at all but was one that grew organically out of the first. I had set up a Tumblr account and was posting some short stories about the Kingdom of Man and the Lands of Man and as I was writing and posting them I realized that I could collect the stories into a book. The interesting thing for me is that this is truly a continuation of the world and stories from the first book and it shows how much changed in that book. The Kreep Sheep is the darkness to the light of The Meep Sheep and shows how dangerous this world was and still can be. These are the scarier stories, the darker stories but that doesn’t mean that there is not light here. That there is not hope.

Next up comes cover work and layout and maybe some other fun stuff, but we shall see.

Now is the perfect time to catch up on things though and see what all the fuss is about.

You can find out info about and order The Meep Sheep HERE

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