Noches De Corazones Negros–book sample

This is a sample from my newest book Noches De Corazones Negros

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00013]

Little Mean Things

It was a mistake. A monster. A thing that

was not one of nature’s special creatures. It had no right to exist in a world of warm sunshine and cold science, of technology and dead gods but which existed despite all of that. In spite of it.

It existed.

And it was theirs.

As the three boys stood over their prey the woods moaned, wood grinding on wood, branches joining hands, leaves whispering as a slight breeze stirred from the east. The three didn’t even notice, their quarry run down and bleeding before them, its arms reaching out towards the woods, towards its home and trying to crawl towards the safe darkness but one of the boys was standing on its tail so it cannot move forward.

It’s caught.

The three boys, smiling silently now, the fat one out of breath, spread slowly out and surrounded the thing that lay on the grass before them and now there would be no escape. The short one, Karl, let out a loud guffawing laugh and approached the thing and kicked it in its side. It let out a pitiful moan and pulled away, its arms pulling clumps of grass and dirt up as it moved but another kick halted its progress and it lay motionless as Karl moved back into place.

The wind again, stronger this time. The thing lifted its head to feel it upon its face, its eyes, all five, closing as the cool spring wind runs across its flesh. Its mouths look as if they are smiling but then Victor, the oldest and tallest of the three moves forward and struck it with a rusty golf club.

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