RED DREAMS–Now Available for $1 On Kindle!

Check out my dark story collection Red Dreams now as an e-book for your Amazon Kindle for only a dollar.

Try a sample…

final book cover

From Distant Temples

“Get, get away from her damn you.” Darin screamed.

Darin’s strength came out in its fullest as he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back and away from her with such force that I toppled over backward and sprawled out onto the dusty floor. Dazed and quickly becoming enraged, I looked up at him and saw he was staring down at her now, as I must have, his eyes glazed, his body trembling, and his head slightly cocked as if he heard a faint voice. I felt sickened and confused. I started to speak but one look from Darin told me to hold my tongue and my anger melted away. I sat on the floor a moment then carefully stood and looked back towards the crate from where I stood, keeping my distance this time. All around the crate there were dark brown smudges and even thicker ones in the corner with the chair and into that darkness behind it the smudges turned to dried puddles and it was then that I realized that, beneath the scent of butterscotch was another smell, the smell of rotten meat. And then my attention fell onto the crate’s lid, and I saw that the point of its origin wasn’t burned away at all, that it was quite clear. It was then that I saw that she and the crate came from…

That was a sample from the story From Distant Temples. If you want to read that story and more, check out RED DREAMS for Kindle for $1, or order the book for $10.



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