Laying It All Out

I am in the midst of the most un-fun part of the book process, at least for me, and that’s laying it out. Thankfully I have an awesome girlfriend that knows her way around laying my books out who has been hard at work on it but it is for sure not a glamorous job. I wish on this book, like I do on all my books, that I could do more with the layout and production of the book. Add more. Give it more personality. Make it come alive more.

I am content with it how it is but it just feels like it’d be more alive if I could experiment with how it comes together.

I am SO darn excited for this book to come out but I am also apprehensive.

This is a book that was begun in 1994 with one short story. It has had a loooong journey to get to this point. It took forever just to decide I was done with the book and to hand it off to someone to edit it. This has been the book that in many ways has meant more than anything else to me. I love the Meep books and all of my other stuff but this is the book I have lived with for nearly twenty years. The book that I have struggled to explain and sum up for so long because I was so close to it. This is the one novel I ever really have planned to write.

This is a big one for me.

And big it is. The book on the computer wasn’t even 300 pages but as a book, as THIS book it is nearly 660 pages. Sheesh! I wanted to write an epic story and I guess I dd just that. What worries me is the price. At that length the book will have to be about $15 to sell. Not an easy task.

I have hope though.

It’s a good book.
A solid book.
And a book I am very proud of.

Heck, just read the back cover info –

Pete Anders is a lonely man. An angry man. A man who has reached the end of his patience and sanity and a man who has chosen Halloween as the night he will get his revenge. What Pete doesn’t see though are the strings that are leading him towards a violent end where he can no longer be a potential threat to the people who have set him along his dark path. Far beyond all of this though is a greater tale, the story of the beginning and the end of all things. The story of the unmaking of existence. And a war that Pete Anders will soon become a player in. And Pete, simple, angry old Pete Anders is far more powerful than anyone could ever have bargained for, and far more dangerous as well and he’ll be damned if he misses out on the end of the world and he may be damned if he chooses to play a part in it.

The First Children of Eden?

What’s not to love?

I will post more from and about the book in the coming days but it’s coming, it’s finally coming. And I cannot wait.

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