The Red Prince Approaches

A town born from secret horror. A stranger with a hidden past. A doomed destiny that entwines two friends and binds them in blood. The road kill is coming. My new novel ROAD KILL will be released on April 6.

The Reason and the Why

The Reason and the Why I can’t claim to have many fans of my writing. I think everyone who publishes would like to think that there’s this group of people absolutely chomping at the bit for the next release but I am not much for lying to myself. Those people just don’t exist for me.… Continue reading The Reason and the Why

The Last Sheep – a novel

When I started writing I didn’t think I would one day produce nine books. Not ever. Even when my first book came out. It just…it wouldn’t have computed. It still doesn’t. I have put my ninth book out just before I turn 40. So strange. For me The Last Sheep is the end of a… Continue reading The Last Sheep – a novel

The Collection

   When I began writing as a teenager I didn't really have an end-goal, didn't have an agenda, and didn't see anything but the words as they spun out before me. The older I got the more ambitious I got and the wider my view became. The words and stories still seem like magic, like… Continue reading The Collection


Once upon a time I was a young guy making ‘zines with my friends. We didn’t know what we wanted to do with our lives we just knew we loved movies and weird stuff and hanging out together. It was during this time that I wrote a weird little short story called Night’s Dancer about… Continue reading My First Novel – A SHADOW OVER EVER

CEMETERY EARTH – a novel by Chris Ringler

The Age of Man is coming to an end. After a long and steady decline into shadows the world has fallen into darkness and the last days of Mankind have come. It is the Dead Age. The Dead have returned to reclaim the world. Driven by an unseen master the dead rise from their graves… Continue reading CEMETERY EARTH – a novel by Chris Ringler

Cemetery Earth – a novel

The new book is done. Just waiting for it to be approved for printing and then I can push forward with it. Huzzah! The book is called Cemetery Earth and is a novel about the undead. It’s a novel of short stories with two characters that emerge from the wreckage of the world to serve… Continue reading Cemetery Earth – a novel

Finding Logic In Madness – A SHADOW OVER EVER

This is an excerpt from my novel A SHADOW OVER EVER which is the story of a mad man who finds his sanity at the end of the world. It’s a story of the beginning and the end and in the middle are some zombies. This is a part towards the end where good old… Continue reading Finding Logic In Madness – A SHADOW OVER EVER

Crap, I Did It Again…

  For a guy that never intended or wanted to write a novel I don't really listen to myself very well. I just finished writing the last story for another long in the works book. The zombie novel began a lot of years ago as a short story called The Delicate Sound of Rain. I wrote… Continue reading Crap, I Did It Again…

Trimming The Fat

   For me there’s few things as upsetting as editing my writing. Well, wait, that’s not true, I really like editing my work when I am doing the editing but when it comes to someone else, well…I think loathe is letting the act get off a little easy. There is just something so clinical and… Continue reading Trimming The Fat

A Note To Friends And A Press Release – Hooray?

Eighteen years ago I began a journey.  It started with a short, weird little story about an angry man with a pumpkin on his head and it became the seed for what would eventually become my first and perhaps only novel.  This novel has been with me for a long time.  From that short story… Continue reading A Note To Friends And A Press Release – Hooray?

Woo! 500 posts. Woo…And Some Book Stuffs!

I was totally going to honor this momentous occasion with a deep, impassioned post about blogging these, wow, last ten years + but, darn it, I wanted to share some more book stuff so that shall have to wait. Odds are it'd just be stuff I have already said anyway. HA. I have had an awful… Continue reading Woo! 500 posts. Woo…And Some Book Stuffs!

Laying It All Out

I am in the midst of the most un-fun part of the book process, at least for me, and that's laying it out. Thankfully I have an awesome girlfriend that knows her way around laying my books out who has been hard at work on it but it is for sure not a glamorous job.… Continue reading Laying It All Out