It’s a shame that we focus so much attention on the space three feet in front of us and not the space around us because we miss so much. We are animals with a recency bias and while we look to the past, and think of the future, it is the moment that suspends us. … Continue reading Absence

Make It Yours

When it comes to the end of the year and holidays, we sure do get possessive of things. Our Once In A While faith becoming ingrained dogma so that anyone that doesn’t celebrate things the way we feel that they should is shamed and castigated. You’re Doing It Wrong we shout! How Dare You! We… Continue reading Make It Yours

Kissing – a Creepy Christmas Tale

Kissing When I was a little kid Christmas was the most important thing in my life. I loved everything about it. I loved the music, the lights, the church service, spending time with my family, spending time with my friends, like I said, I loved all of it. Christmas, with its mythology, and its mystery… Continue reading Kissing – a Creepy Christmas Tale

Winter Chill

I think the holidays dredge up memories for all of us. Most of mine are good. Despite my love of Halloween and all things dark and creepy I really love Christmas and this season. Something recently made me remember something though that is a bit of a darker memory. Call it the end of my… Continue reading Winter Chill

Dancing In Their Heads

Consider this a late Christmas gift. It is rough around the edges and unedited, but there's a little coal within, as well as a small gift, it's up to you to decide which is which.    “You’re not the REAL Santa, you know.” “Oh, is that the case?” The man with the long white beard… Continue reading Dancing In Their Heads

I Believe – Christmas Story 2013

Every year I try to write a Halloween and Christmas story. Here is this year’s story. Enjoy, dear reader. I Believe We are taught even as children that magic isn’t real. That the world is made up of math, and science, and reason, and there are no gray areas and no shadows where magic can… Continue reading I Believe – Christmas Story 2013

Christmas Story 2012 – NAUGHTY

Just whipped this up, because I am sorta crazy like that. Hope you like it. Fresh out of the oven so please forgive any errors. Naughty He had only been outside for fifteen minutes but the tears against his cheeks were already frozen. His teeth were chattering and his hands burned from the cold but… Continue reading Christmas Story 2012 – NAUGHTY

To Those In Need–a story

To Those In Need     The snow was falling. This wasn’t the first snow of the season but this was the most significant snow, the first real snow. The city was huddled together against the cold and spreading darkness but passed in silence, defenses up against forced holiday cheer. As the snow falls the darkness… Continue reading To Those In Need–a story