Raising the BATTLE FLAG

After the results of the election and the punishment of a drawn out and brutal election season I found myself looking at a future I didn’t believe in. Whatever happened would happen, but I needed to find my place in that future. When I learned that one of the plans for the incoming Presidential administration was to defund Planned Parenthood I found the inspiration for what I could offer to this brave new world.

A book. A book that would vent my spleen regarding the election and my fears for the future. A book that wouldn’t have to be about me and my stories but where I could join with friends that wanted to lend their voices as well. I approached to very good friends about my idea and both were immediately onboard. The opportunity to raise our voices in protest and to use our voices to support an organization we all believed in was too great an opportunity. We would put all proceeds from the book towards our local Planned Parenthood with the hopes that in some very small way we would help.

I am honored to share a book with two close friends. Two people whose work I admire so deeply.

The change in America, and in our politics is something that disturbs me deeply and this is our passion on display, our statement of protest. This is our hope and fear bound together.

This is our first hammer against the coming wall.

This is our Battle Flag.



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