ROAD KILL cover reveal

I have written before about my upcoming novel ROAD KILL but I wanted to talk a little more about it as I reveal its cover for the first time.

The novel itself, as I have mentioned, was a long time coming. When I wrote the very first version it was vastly different than what it ended up being but the heart was still there – two friends who bring out the worst of ome another. There’s a lot more to this verion of it and in that it’s a lot more about my fictional towns and their shared histories. Something I really like about this book is that it fleshes out worlds that I have already written about and talks about characters that will be familiar to anyone that has read previous work of mine.

For the cover I wanted to shoot something that captured the mood and theme of the book but didn’t give anything away. I posed as a ‘model’ for the backcover shot, which my wife took, and I took the cover photo and set that up. I love being able to use my full creativity on these books, and to find more ways to tell the story.

ROAD KILL is slated for release in April and I cannot wait for you to explore it and its dark mysteries.

Much more to come.

RK Cover re-do FINAL

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