The Monsters Are Coming

So, because my mind is a bit shark-like I am always thinking on the next thing I wanna work on. Book. Story. Movie. Promo. Event.

I am always thinking about it and turning it over in my mind like a Worry Stone.

For 2020 I still have two books planned for release – a kid’s book waiting for a cover and my sequel to last year’s ROAD KILL.

Not sure when the kiddo book will release but ROADKILLERS will release in the fall, I know that for sure.

Well, before the pandemic hit I had a couple ideas I was kicking around and I wasn’t sure which direction to go in but decided to do another short story collection and that I shall do indeed. I am mixing some older stories of mine with some new ones that I have written and they’ll all fall under the banner of monsters. So, in one way or another, these will all be monster stories. I am pretty stoked about the book and even have an idea for the cover. I’d like to keep stretching myself and my writing but for now I am gonna keep telling the stories that draw me, which, for now, are usually creepy.

So yeah, it’s strange to think I already have a book planned out for next year but it’s reassuring.

Let’s see what else my noodle comes up with, eh?

Stay Safe!


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