With Torches Burning

As we all do our best to survive the global pandemic with our sanity and lives intact there is something horrifying and nefarious that is creeping into our daily lives and that’s the armed protestors that are appearing more and more frequently at our state’s capitols. There is reason for fear, for worry, and for concern.

There is a standing for those who oppose the government to speak and be heard.

The thing is, that doesn’t give these people more rights than anyone else. It doesn’t make them magically immune to the same virus we are all afraid of and which has killed hundreds of thousands of people globally.

The thing is that you can’t even watch these people and feel like this is natural and organic.

It feels staged and theatrical.

This isn’t protest, it’s recruitment.

All you need to do is look at the protestors, yes, I am sure amongst them there are ‘common folks’ who are in fear of their livelihoods, but with them there are the selfish who hate the idea of someone telling them they can’t do something (the most American of things you can do, let’s be honest), the conspiracy nuts (who ironically never seem to join together to fight the current President, someone actively taking away liberties and changing the heart of the nation), and then there are the Red Blooded Americans. The RBAs (a name I totally am making up) are the people you see with the symbols for hate groups, nationalist groups, and political splinters that cling to the White Makes Right edict. These are the folks carrying weapons of war, dressed for a battle, carrying Confederate flags, erecting makeshift gallows, and making sure they are the front facing force in these protests.

These protests were supposed to be about wanting answers as to why our states weren’t ‘open’ (something that each governor and many doctors and scientists have explained but, OK) but they have become puppet shows to sow fear. No one wants to be told to stay at home and essentially quarantine. We are all going through something, whether it’s fear for your livelihood, safety, sanity, or just wanting to get back to normal. We all feel that.

The thing is that most of us also see past the fear and stress and frustration and see the numbers.

We see that people are still getting sick at a huge clip.

We see that people are still dying at a horrifying rate.

We see that this is bigger than our petty fears and frustrations.

This is about Us, the collective us of the nation and world.

Americans keep leaning on World War 2 as our ‘greatest hour’, a time when, well, we were forced to be honest, into doing the right thing and getting involved in a conflict to save the lives of innocent people and to stop a dangerous despot. The thing is that at every turn we do the things that that generation didn’t, such as now and demanding for the country to ‘open.

The WW2 generation had to sacrifice their lives, their hopes, and their very ways of life for a cause greater than themselves.

All we are asked to do is wait, to stay home, and to stay safe.

Yes, it’s hard, it’s scary, and it will destroy businesses but until we have a handle on Covid-19 and can move about and act safely then we’re playing Russian roulette with our global health. We’re assuming that 1. We won’t get sick 2. If we get sick it’s no big deal, and 3. That if ‘some’ people die then they probably would have died anyway.

That’s an awful way to look at things.

We used to consider ourselves Americans above all else, that when the crap hit that we’d all come together and do the right thing to keep us all safe.

That isn’t the truth though.

Maybe it never was.

Now we have a leader in power, surrounded by others that prop him up and echo his selfish rage, who thinks only about his needs and wants.

He has lied and underestimated this pandemic at every turn and now encourages these protests out of the side of his mouth, with a shrug and a thrust lip.

It’s become about saving the economy and not the people.

The thing is that the economy is a beast that eats its own tail.

It feeds, and feeds, and feeds.

It cares not for anything but feeding.

Economies change, they evolve, they disappear.

They are nothing without the machinery that keep them moving, and that’s us.

We are worth more than a simple economy.

Yeah, I don’t wanna lose my job.

I don’t wanna go broke.

But more than that I don’t wanna die.

I don’t want my loved ones to die.

The scariest thing about Covid-19 is that I could be a carrier and never know it. I could be infecting people and spreading it without ever knowing.

THAT is why we have to stay home and wait until they have something to work with and can help all of us be safe.

It’s as if people don’t want to see the reality of this situation.

They want to hear their chosen advocate and trust what they say, whatever the cost.

But the bodies are piling up.

We have literal body pits because the dead are too many to be able to deal with and too dangerous even dead.

FAKE NEWS! Is the call to arms.

Because everything is fake if it doesn’t align with your narrow world view.

If it doesn’t embrace you because you are chosen by some god, or some randomness to be yourself.

The selfishness and arrogance on display at the protests is unnerving but the embracing of the cause and tenets of nationalism and white supremacy are chilling and obvious.

‘Oh, they’re bad actors’ some will say.

‘They’re not really part of this’, they say.

‘They’re plants’, they say.

‘They’re trolling you’, they say.

But all the while those same people who claim to not be represented by these people stand with them, march with them, sing with them, dance with them, and mimic them.

They follow their lead because they see them as strong, and loud, and powerful.

It’s not power that sets you about marching into government buildings armed for war and screaming in the faces of the police and at elected officials.

It’s something far darker with a nastier desire.

These are rallies for supremacy.

These are calls to arms to the frightened and angry.

They are recruiting.

The election is coming, and they want to rouse people’s anger so that they vote ‘the right way’ in the elections.

The way that will embrace nationalism, fear, and hate.

The way that keeps white men in power and entrenched.

The way that keeps the rich safe and powerful.

There is nothing American about these protests, in the sense of our believing ourselves to be good, and true, and helping the weak.

No, these protests are about terror and fear.

They are about sending a message – We Will Stop You.

And how will they stop ‘us’?

Look no further than their choices of dress and guns.

These are play actors pretending to be warriors who want to kill and die for a cause they don’t even fully understand.

They’d tell you they are patriots but they have more in common with cult members or Nazis.

And that term is bandied about, by ‘both sides’ now, the notion of Nazis, but the fact is that these ‘good people’, as the President calls them (a code he’s used before) have more in common with the Nazis than the brave people that sacrificed their lives for liberty at the birth of our nation or the people that gave their lives to stop a monstrous tyrant in World War 2.

These are people playing a dangerous game that will go badly.

The scary thing is that many of them WANT it to go badly.

They want bloodshed.

They want civil war.

They want that bell run so loud it cracks this nation in half and they can finally put an end to everyone they see as an enemy. Everyone against them.



But how can you not be alarmed to see armed white men in military gear in our government halls screaming and spreading fear?

Imagine, if you will, these were people of color, or from another country.

What then?




Do you wanna know why they don’t stop them?

Because they are worried that one of these ‘heroes’ will start a gunfight.

Because these are the types of people that are looking for trouble.

They thrive on it.

They don’t want change, no, they want revolution in the worst of ways.

They are our American Taliban, willing to die for a cause they don’t fully grasp.

Ask yourself this – why do these Red Blooded American’s not protest the President, who also had said we should stay in place? If these people want answers then why not demand them of him? He keeps shrugging off responsibility and pushing it onto the states but then questions the actions of the states.

You can’t have it both ways.

So why not protest him?

Why not the federal response?

THEY are the ones that held up funding for businesses and citizens.

They are the ones playing games with numbers and aid.

NO ONE wanted this pandemic but creating boogeymen where there aren’t any and creating villains when they aren’t there doesn’t help. It creates more division and talking points for a President and party that doesn’t care.

And beyond that, past party loyalty, because truly they are the rich and the richer representing us, look for answers.

Why are the people behind the scenes, that know things we need to know, being silenced?

Why wouldn’t we do everything we could to help everyone and every state get past this?


Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

 Why are we blaming governors but not the President?

People would rather believe a YouTube commentator or their slanted pundit of their choosing than hard science. They want to believe that everything is fake news and Democratic shenanigans and not true and honest.

We are in a world where people’d rather believe everything is a grand conspiracy that only they and the chosen few can see through.

Sorry, that’s just crazy.

We’re in a world with a lot of lies and a lot of liars and there are enough people pulling cons that we don’t need wilder and wilder ones.

The earth ain’t flat.

There was no Pizza Gate.

Covid-19 is real.


Dem’s the facts.

Meanwhile we have people playing at patriots, putting people’s lives in danger not just from the virus but from their reckless displays of aggression.

We are in a scary place friends, and it has been made all the scarier needlessly by people who are change agents and bad actors who don’t want to go back to work and the salon, they just want to grow their ranks and sew distrust and fear.

Meanwhile the rest of us just wanna get back to a semblance of life.

Stay strong.

Believe facts.

Fight ignorance.

Stay safe.


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