The Munsonville Trilogy Is Complete

The idea of creating my own little world was a seductive one, as a writer. Creating a place with history, with stories, and with people with both. I have been writing about my fictitious towns in Michigan since nearly the beginning, definitely since the 1990’s, when Pete Anders of A SHADOW OVER EVER popped up on the scene and made the places famous with his Halloween rampage. Over the years I have returned time and again to the small town that is slowly becoming a small city and with it I have written about Scottstown and Flatston Falls, the neighboring tows that make up the triangle of doom in that neck of the woods. The following books are not the first nor last word about Munsonville but these three books capture the town, the lore, and the people better than anything else. The people, the themes, and the history are all connected here. Munsonville is a town haunted as much by its past as it is its present. It is a place of ghosts and monsters. Revenge and secrets.

While ROAD KILL and ROADKILLERS stand alone, two books connected by characters and story, these THREE books tell the full story of Tilling Diem and more of the secrets of the town and its people. Having written about this place for all these years, I am really happy to have these three books (four if you got ambitious and picked up A SHADOW OVER EVER) to define all of the writing I have done.

2 thoughts on “The Munsonville Trilogy Is Complete”

  1. The way you write your towns and their history reminds me, nostalgically, of R. L. Stine’s Fear Street series (although your writing style reminds me more of Stephen King). I love it so much!


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