Another Big Thing

I have officially completed the first draft of the next book, a dark thriller. This was not an intentional thing but once I got writing it just sorta kept doing its thing. I began it just under a month ago and, first draft finished, I have a book just under traditional novel length. We’ll see how that changes with the revisions as I tend to add during that process. With this one I can definitely see spots where things can be expanded and things added.

With projects like this my main goal is to just finish writing it. It’s so easy to get distracted and discouraged and the point is to keep chugging along and to get it done. Getting it done is the hardest part. After that you just need to hone what you have and for me, I wait a bit to dig into that part of the process. I want to see how I feel about it, what new ideas come to me about it, and I want to look at it with fresh eyes so I can better approach the work. With the most recent book RELIQUARY IN BLACK I changed a lot of things as, looking at it with a longer view, I had a better chance to see how it flowed and to build the bridges between sections that were not quite lining up for me. With that book too I changed how I viewed it and needed that to match up with what I was putting together. This book won’t take as much heavy lifting but there will still be issues to fix, holes to patch, and bridges to build.

Since I am not doing shows anymore this feels like a 2023 release as I just put a book out, uh, a few weeks ago, so it seems silly to rush another one out. Though I doubt it’ll wait too far into next year to come out.

So what is it?

I have a title. I have the cover image in my head and the items to shoot it. This is a dark thriller with a through line of love, loss, and grief. There are definitely elements of horror but it hews closer to a thriller. I actually came up with the idea for the story last year, as I was writing the other book, and had the name of it and image so strongly in my head that I had to write down to make sure that I didn’t lose that thread. The idea and the reality are actually very close to one another, so it’s fun that the lightning bolt that hit me was strong enough to resonate for all those months. I think it’s a good book. It’s fun to write some things that are different for me in the past few years. I think it’s a book that the public at large could like, were they ever to learn about it. Some things I write are not really mass market style books but this one feels like it could be.

Heck, it’d make a fun movie!

I definitely look forward to exploring this book more as it ages a little, that’s for sure and I look forward to doing the photo shoot and eventually getting it out into people’s hands.

For what it’s worth, there is a brief scene that connects to the next book I may write. Another idea that’s been bubbling in me a bit, but we shall see.




Until then, check out my books and see if there’s something that speaks to you!

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