Everyone Loves A Pitch

Hey, thanks for coming to my little site, and such.

And such.

Since I have had a lot of traffic of late I figured I’d re-introduce myself.

My name’s Chris…and you are?

Great, great, it’s great to meet you _________!


Well, I am a writer, having written books ranging from horror to fiction to a fantasy series to kid’s books. I have a little for everyone and have been writing for over 25 years. Truly, there’s something weird in there for everyone and most of the books are available for Kindle, so there you go!

You can find all of that stuff here –


I am also a podcaster, like, well, everyone these days, am I right?

I have nearly 100 episodes of generally short form podcasts out there and I talk about the arts, culture, society, politics, movies, and my artistic process. I try to keep them under a half an hour and think they are pretty neat. Give them a listen!


In the past few years I started pursuing my love of movies and made two short films and a few weirdo micro-experiments. It’s all on the YouTubes and if you are of a mind to see what else I do, that’s a place to look, by Jim!


And that’s the whole potato! I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my site, my many oddball reviews, and just wiling away some of your day here. Check out my other stuff on here though. It’s pretty rad.


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