Picture Pages!

Here are some of the images from the past. Alternate cover photos for books, some shots from the shoot of I Am The Door, a promo image for an event, and the two books I received Honorable mention in for stories.

One of the alternate shots from Roadkill cover.
More Roadkill tries.
Even MORE Roadkill.
The big special effect for I Am The Door when I was trying to shoot it by myself. It didn’t work so great that way.
Promo photo for an event we did.
In the woods in the summer for I Am The Door shoot. Yucked up so I could be the ‘monster’ of the piece.
Mmm, blood.
Creepy sheepy.
Picture taken from a pick up shot for I Am The Door.
The original cover image for Tattered Tents. Love this pic.

Hey! I write books, podcast, make movies, and review movies. Check out all the cool stuff I do via the links!

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