The Hills We Die On

           I will never tell anyone I am the smartest person in any room I am in. I will never tell anyone I am better than them because odds are really great, I am not. And I am not going to act as if my beliefs should be the standard for what all others believe in. I am many things and one of those is self-aware. Maybe it’s because I am a writer, but I think that that’s not quite it, it’s more than that. I think it’s a mix of my being a writer and being an introvert that makes me a pretty good observer of people and their behaviors. I am a pretty good judge of character. And I am educated enough to know that we’re at a very, very dangerous point in human development. While one can throw their hands in the air and say that at any time, screaming to the heavens that the end is nigh, I think it’s pretty fair to say that, while the end isn’t nigh, it’s lurking.

And humanity as a whole doesn’t seem to care.

           I find myself awed by where we are as a species, right now. We have poisoned our planet to the point where it is becoming terminally ill and when this is pointed out the greedy mongrels of our kind shake their fists in the air and cry out FAKE NEWS! They make all manner of show to convince everyone that things are just fine, that ‘this’, the this being mass meltings of thousand-year-old ice shelves and the like, happens ALL the time, all while pocketing money from Big Oil. What makes me shake my head is that we have known that a day would come when oil would run out, didn’t we? Didn’t SOMEONE? Even if we didn’t decide it wasn’t a good idea to keep drilling holes into the earth, oil isn’t gonna last forever, right?


We knew this, we had to.
SOMEONE had to.

So, if that’s the case, then why on earth hasn’t ‘Big Oil’ been finding their next ‘oil’ for decades? Why not invest in other fuel alternatives so that when the day came, they were ready? That’s like thinking that cigarette companies haven’t been figuring how they can monetize marijuana when it finally becomes legal everywhere. If they haven’t been working on that they are nuts.

So, now that we’re seeing the climate toll that is being paid, why wouldn’t oil transition to their next big thing?

Unless there is no next big thing.

Unless, being humans, they would rather choke every last dime out of a thing and then ‘figure it out’ when they have to?

Could it be so gross as someone just not caring because they won’t live long enough to see the day oil ran out?
That’s chilling.

Someone so self-involved and greedy that they don’t care what happens because they’ll be gone.

Introducing, the Republican Party of the United States!

           If you ever slog through this blog, you see that, while I am a definite Leftie, I can also see that that side of the aisle has skeletons, and demons just like the other side, they just aren’t cheering for members of their own country to just sorta…die off because they’re a problem.

This is the party that would have you believe that the insurrection was nothing more than a day trip by true blue patriots that MAYBE got a little rowdy. This is the party that will have you believe that every issue in America is the RADICAL LEFT’S fault, because they are a party of boogeymen who always have a torch ready to light.

Now it’s some nonsense about how gay people and suicide hotlines for LGBTQIA+ people are grooming kids to be prayed upon sexually.

This from the party that tried to sell that a pizza place was the home base to some pedophile ring.

They say INSANE things over and over again and the gin up so much fear that people believe them because people are so desperate to believe. They want demons to rage against, they want an enemy, and the RADICAL LEFT are the perfect enemy.

If we step back though, it’s all so much performative anguish.

OH, they want us to mask up.

OH, they want to close the country because of a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC.

OH, they want our children to learn about ALL of American history, not just White history.

OH, people of color, women, and LGBTQIA+ people want representation.

OH, people want to be able to choose whether they have a baby or not.

These are all issues that should be discussed, some even debated, but we have launched past that to demonizing anyone that is not on the same line you stand on. We are NOT a Christian country. I dunno why people have convinced themselves otherwise. It shouldn’t be. It should be a country where we’re all family, but we just don’t see eye to eye on everything. That can be OK.

I should not and will not live by the edicts of a religion I do not follow.

You can disagree with abortion with every ounce of yourself but unless you are taking that child to raise and care for you have no right to dictate the rest of someone’s life. Just as it’s not my right to judge every last thing you have done in your life and whether I agree with it.

We have inserted ourselves into one another’s bedrooms and bathrooms and demand answers to questions that have nothing to do with us.

We are a nation of snoops who are so insistent on Freedom, as long as you get to choose who gets to be free.

We are a nation of immigrants and yet we want our borders closed because we have been conned into believing that everyone from certain countries is criminal or wants a free ride.

This isn’t true though!
If we can say – not every gun owner, not every man, not ever White person – then we can EASILY say – not every person of color, etc.


Pretty simple.

This hatred for the poor is something that is beyond me as well.

I get it.

There are grifters – political grifters, cough – but there are always scammers. There’s a guy my work deals with who always wants grants, free money, and when he doesn’t get them, he claims racism or this ism or that ism. He causes enough stink that someone pays him off to shut him up. That’s his grift. He doesn’t ruin the whole system though because some people do need that grant money.

Again, if someone wants to tell me – not all men, not all this, not all that – then not every person needing aid or help is a criminal, is lazy, or is looking for a handout.

It doesn’t work that way.
But we’ve let ourselves be so poisoned by the talking heads that it’s what we believe now.

Life is easier if there are good guys and bad guys and so long as we’re one of the good guys, the rest works itself out.

           Our political system has become poison, plain and simple. It isn’t about working to better our nation or our people but about rule. About wealth. About power. It isn’t JUST Trump that did this, but he was the head of the hammer that fell to create this quake. And I get it, trust me, lots of Dems are greedy people just saying and doing whatever it takes to ‘keep their job’ and to get ahead. It’s about getting those speaking gigs after your term ends, or getting a cushy job on a board, or some other grift. They hate the educated and those who stand up to them. They are bullies who want us to shut up and do what we are told.

This is where we are.

We are willing to stir up people, to get them violent and angry, to stoke insurrection, because politics is another game to play.

We are pushed this way and that by the rich and don’t even realize it.

Do you really believe these people are that deeply religious?

Are that worried about babies they’ll never see?

But we have Supreme Court Justices that lied to get into their office only to change their minds on issues they were asked point blank about. The Supreme Court has become social timebomb, working to undo things that were decided decades ago.

We don’t want to fix the world or better it for one another.


We want to strip rights and dominate because that’s what God wants, right?

That’s what the Bible says?


Faith is earned, over time and reflection, and it is personal to each follower. Holy books are meant as guides towards that reflection and faith. Your relationship with a higher power though is between you and them.

Not me.

Not anyone else.

People like DeSantis in Florida are petty dictators, like Trump, who want everyone to bow before them and to tow their line. What line is that? The party line. And what is that line connected to? A big fat war chest of money that these people plunder at will.

Wonder why you see religious leaders living fat lives with expensive homes and cars?


It’s not piety.

Wonder how these politicians get such a luxury lifestyle when, sure, they make a lot of money, but not THAT much money.


It’s not from saving their pennies.

It’s a big grift, and we’re the ones being cheated.

           We have lost our sense of empathy. We have lost our sense of community. We have lost our sense of humanity. We are allowing people like Dave Chappelle make cruel asides about trans people as a gag, so long as he holds his hands up and says ‘what’d I do?’, because we think it’s funny. As long as he isn’t joking about us. We are all so angry, so rushed, so judgmental, and so pressured by so many things that it’s like we all see the end of the world and shrug because we can’t stop it anyway.


We can stop being fooled into thinking it has to be this way.

You can’t demand rights for all and then close the door on some.

You can’t scream about being cancelled as you shout down someone else.

You can’t keep making everyone else the enemy while you are always blameless.

We are in this together, if we like it or not.

There is a madman playing with war across the ocean and he’s threatening to destroy the whole world if he doesn’t get his way.

How are we not united against him?

How can we argue that he may have a point?

Because we’ve been conned.

The hill we have chosen to die on is about them gays, or them womens, or them foreigners, or them people of color, or them sluts getting ‘bortions.
We have decided that all of those things are far more important than a dying planet with dictators that think war games are fun and who don’t grasp that if you start a nuclear war, there is no winning, there is only dying.

The hill we are going to die on will be a mass grave.

You don’t have to like everything that your fellow human, your fellow American is doing. I don’t have to like what YOU are doing, but if it doesn’t hurt you then why get worked up over it?

Let people love one another.

Let women choose what to do with their bodies.

Let this country stand for SOMETHING like an ideal for all peoples of all nations.

Let’s stop letting people who conned their way into office by lying (don’t we always say politicians are lying or is it we just want them lying for us?) wind us up and point us at one another.

Let’s stop looking away from horror and towards it because we have to see it to be moved to stop it.

Let’s stop shaking our fists and shake hands.

Let’s stop blaming everyone we see for our problems.

Let’s stop screaming for change but refusing to change ourselves.

Good god, we are rocketing towards the end of our species, perhaps the planet, and we’re too busy looking at our phones, or celebrities, and wasting time on people who don’t care if we live or die instead of investing in ourselves and one another.

How can you claim to care about the unborn when you don’t even care about your neighbor other than to call a cop on them?

All of us are going through the same things. The same stress, the same heartache, the same fear, the same worry, but we won’t see it. We won’t see one another through the walls we have built between us, digital and emotional. Better to be aloof. Better to be cool online and distant in person. Better to be angry.

We have fallen so far from where we could be and what we could be.

I dunno if there’s a way back, but if we don’t start fighting for one another and ourselves, they mind as well send the nukes because there won’t be anything worth saving anyway.


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