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That’s what it’s felt like for me over the past few months, maybe couple years.


I have written a LOT over the past couple of years. I have written, maybe five books, put out about four, or more. I dunno. I could look but don’t WANNA. As of yesterday the newest book is done – the writing at least. Now it gets to sit in the virtual drawer while I percolate on it and let it marinate a bit.

I would guess it’s another 2023 book.

Who can say, anymore?

Suddenly though, I am out of ‘projects’.

I was going to reclaim my mystery book and work on that and maybe release it this year but the person I write it ‘for’ is going to try to find a home for it so I am happy to wait. Like all writers, I’d imagine, I have always wanted to BE published, to have someone publish my work without my having to pay anything. I have been in other books and in a magazine, but I want one of my BOOKS put out there and someone else foots the bill.

Looking at my numbers on Amazon and how I am not selling books enough to put me in their basement, there’s not a lot I can really ‘hope’ for with my writing these days other than getting a book out into the world in a more traditional sense. It’ll be a drag in that it may not have my name on it if it sees the light of day, but I’ll know, and that’s something.

So, the new book.

It’s done.

The heavy lifting, at least.

And I like it.

It needs work, as I always say, but the heart is there, I think it ramps up well, it doesn’t feel like it overstays its welcome – this one is more of a novella in length – and it feels like it earns its conclusion.

I like it.

Hopefully by the time I get around to editing it and fleshing it out more I still like it and learn to love it as it gets fully complete.

Now I have two (technically three, or maybe even four) books sitting and waiting


I am sure I will keep writing because I have antsy hands and nervous fingers and seem to keep writing.

I feel like I should challenge myself with a project but I dunno.

I say enough in blogs that I don’t feel the need to put out a nonfiction book and no one wants advice from me, believe me. As for genres, I could try that but am not sure.


Who can say?

I will try to force myself to just sorta ‘be’ for a bit and let the battery recharge. I went from finishing RELIQUARY to writing the next one to then starting the most recent one and I got burned out and had to push myself to finish this one.

I just don’t want anything unfinished if I can avoid it. No writer completes EVERYTHING, I know I have ideas and ideas and ideas floating around my head or on scraps of paper, but I want the big stuff out. Even if no one cars.

I care.

I’d care a little more if they sold though, I will admit that.

At least I can say I do it because I love it. I need it.

There is that too.

The new book is one about loss, learning to grieve, learning to grieve in a healthy way, and the lengths we will go to get something we want desperately. It gets very mean and very dark and I love that. I hope you will too.


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