THE HOUSE AND THE WHITE STRING – found footage review

I have to be honest with this one, this is a short film, not a feature. It’s a longer short film, for sure, but it’s not a feature. The crummy part here though is that this COULD have been a feature. Pretty easily. It’s a two person show, doesn’t really rely on expensive effects of gags, and there was enough meat on this bone to make some darn soup. 

THAT is the frustrating thing with this film, other than an abrupt ending – that unlike most of the found footage films I watch, this one ended before the heart of its story was really even examined. 

The story of THE HOUSE AND THE WHITE STRING focuses on a man documenting the house he has bought at a police auction in the hopes of flipping it. He goes to the house to investigate it, finding it in pretty rough shape, but feels that with a little work he can get it turned around and flip it for a profit. On his second trip to the house he discovers that it seems as if someone has stayed there overnight and worse, finds an old woman standing at a window. When he threatens to call the police on her she disappears. The man decides to look into the house’s history and what happened to lead it to become an auction house and discovers a dark, violent past and a long history with the place. That history though seems to have plans for him andThe there may be nothing he can do to stop them. 

This is a pretty creepy little movie. The tension builds naturally. The acting is well done. The use of the found footage to reveal the things we had not seen is well done. This is a well made film that doesn’t seem ‘cheap’ like so many of these films do. The biggest problem here though is that it ends so abruptly, with no answers and no deeper investigation into what was going on and why. The ‘white string’ of the title is in there but it’s so poorly developed that honestly, this feels like they just stopped filming one day before they were done and put this out as it was. 

There’s a fun air of mystery about the film, with the actors and director going as Anon, but they sorta kneecapped themselves with the movie and cheated themselves out of a fully realized film. 

This is worth a look, you won’t regret it, but prepare to be disappointed. 

3 out of 5

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