I love this book. It’s so big, and sprawling, and weird, and I wanted to give it another push because not m any folks have gotten a chance to experience it. This is a passage from deep into the book, nearing the climax.

This is our main character, PuerDi, the child of two celestial beings, confronting a rebel demon on earth as they plant the seeds of revolution in the minds of human parishioners in a church.

“Oh, dear sweet PuerDi, you have no idea what game you are even playing, do you? Children, children, this here is the child of the Morning Star. This is Satan’s child, the one I warned you was coming!” Mendax warned.

There was a scream and people began standing up. 

I noticed two men were moving towards me from where I’d just taken the stage. 

  “Sit. DOWN.” I roared and waived my fingers forward and the parishioners fell to their asses once more. 

  “Oh, goody tricks. I have tricks too, such wonderful tricks. I think you’ve seen the products of a few of them.” Mendax bragged. 

  “I have. And I have come to stop them.” I was trying to control myself but I felt the fire in me rising and the song that called it growing as well. 

  “Such brave words, PuerDi, but why? If God wanted me stopped, why not do it Himself? Eh? Or Satan? If He wanted me to stop then why not stop me? It’s not that hard. They know where I am, just like you do. I haven’t been hiding. Not really.” There was sarcasm behind this, and I hated it. 

  “I’m not them and I am not beholden to their rules.” I told it, the rage making my hands shake. 

  “Aren’t you? You’re just another doll to be played with? Sure, you are different, you definitely have the looks of your fathers, but, really, what are you even? A mistake? A wish? A toy? The beginning or the bitter end? You don’t even know, do you? And you think you’re going to stop me? And why? We want the same things, do we not? To see an end to the tyranny of those in power! To topple the seat of power and to put power in the hands of the people. Why is that wrong?” Mendax asked. 

I laughed. 

RELIQUARY IN BLACK is a dark fantasy novel with a ton of horror. It has a broad scope and an interesting cast of creeps in it and is a book of self discovery at the end of the world. This book is about a lot of things and I hope you’ll give it a look.

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