Looking Ahead To 2023

Thus far, it’s been a pretty productive year for me as a writer. I have written three books thus far and started a fourth – really need to get back to that… I just finished the revision of the first of those books that will see the light of day, a dark thriller that moves at a pretty quick clip. This book will be my first release of the coming year and at this point I just need to shoot the cover for it and figure a release date. 

After that book there are two more in the hopper, a ghost story, and another bit of dark fiction. Both of those books need revision but I like both and think they’ll be pretty good after some polish. 

At this point that would make three releases for 2023, depending on where I get with the book I have started. We’ll see. I always try to walk the line of what I put out when because I don’t want to oversaturate things and would prefer to let books breathe a little. It may mean that the second comes out near summer and the last in the fall. 

That’s crazy to think. 

We’ll see though. 

I may route one of the books over to another outlet but we’ll see. 

There is also the mystery book that’s been done for a couple years and is waiting on a publisher to pull the trigger on a release. Still waiting on that, unfortunately but at the worst I’ll put it out myself eventually. 

It won’t end up in the virtual drawer though. 

Lastly, there is a finished kid’s book. I wrote this as a tribute to my mother-in-law after her passing but my wife wants to do the cover for it and hasn’t been in a place where she’s been ready to do it so that’ll come out when she’s ready. 

Lots to come. 

With the photo book just out and Requiem In Black still feeling fresh, and heck, twenty + books already out, there’s a lot to dig into, that’s for sure. 


Hopefully I get to direct again soon, but we’ll see. 

Thanks for being there. 

For all my books, go here!

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