We Already Know Where We’re Going

Sometimes you head somewhere, thinking you are just out for a drive when deep down you already have a destination in mind. We head out in our vehicle and we just let the wind rush through the windows, we turn up the tunes, and we zone out and just sorta let the road unfold before us and then suddenly we’re at a destination we pretend we didn’t know we were heading towards. 

The thing is though that we knew all along. 

We always knew. 

We just wanted to think we might go somewhere else. 

And that’s where we are today, going in a direction that’s familiar but which we think that we don’t know where we’re going.
We do. 

We’ve known for years and it’s clear we don’t have the interest of the masses or the sense of self preservation to deviate course. 

We’re heading for disaster. 

Oh, I know, that’s liberal scare tactics in action. 

Always saying we’re heading for disaster as ice caps melt, unarmed citizens are shot by authorities, hate groups grow, and politicians make veiled calls for violence. 

Yup, it’s all a scam. 

It’s one big gaslight to scare everyone into doing…uh…liberal things?

I dunno. 

What I do know is that we had the opportunity to usher Trump to the door and kick him out of it but didn’t. Even after he lost the election, he’s still here and gaining steam. Even after he called for an insurrection and cheered it on as it happened he’s still here. He has shown over and over again what he is and who he is – a narcissist who cares more for his ego than he does his family, his friends, or this nation – and yet many of us still cheer him on. He’s a cartoon villain that wraps himself up in the flag to show he’s patriotic and waves a Bible around to show he’s a man of faith. 

He’s so clownishly villainous that he seems like a joke. 

Heck, with him and Kanye you have two men who pretend to have deep opinions about politics and culture but who are only loyal to themselves and their cult of fame. Neither are men who should be anywhere near politics yet they both headed for it because of that juice. 

One was successful, the other just wanted to build his brand more. 

We don’t care what people say or show us. 

We care about the power they wield or tell us they wield. 

We care about the money. 

We are so in love with the idea of being rich and famous ourselves we idolize these people and the louder they are, the more they grab the spotlight the more we love them. Sure, some are talented, some are talented, and some are smart – or at least diabolically clever – but few are worthy of our esteem. They are parasites that feed on our attention and adoration. 

And we are addicted to them. 

Look at the Republican party. 

They are desperate to rid themselves of the boring stalwart McConnell because, as evil as he is, he wasn’t loyal enough to Trumpism. He’s loyal to the party. He’s not showy. He’s not loud. He doesn’t throw around insults and lies like drugs at a rave. The party has embraced Trump and his shout first, plan later attitude. You see it up and down the party, the charismatic liars who claim that the party is being cuckolded, that Christianity (which we are told is what this nation serves) is under attack, and that parental rights are being stripped. 

They want to rule with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.
Guns, God, and Trump!

After a fair and legal election they have twisted it now so that it was somehow STOLEN, despite counts and recounts. STOLEN! Because they can’t lose. It’s the kid in school who thinks so much of themselves (and yet so little at the same time) that they must have all the love all the time. But since that election was STOLEN, clearly by those pedophilic vampires on the Left, that they had to INSIST people DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And they did. 

And people died. 

And it was one of the lowest points in American politics. 

And yet, here we are. 

The dolts that stormed the Capitol are getting punished but not the people who drove them forward and lit their fires. 

They’re still in power, still in office, and still calling for blood. 

Oh, sure, they tell us it’s about the families, and the children, and God, and the country, and on and on and on but it’s about them and they will say and do anything they can to take power, keep power, and then squeeze that power for every ounce of fame and fortune they can. 

And it’s not like the Left is full of saints, and I have no illusion of such. 

But I don’t see them calling for insurrections. 

OH, but what about the riots and the marches in the streets?

Hm, what about them?

They love to bring that up, don’t they? 

OH, the violence. 

OH, the horror. 

Yeah, I remember that time, and it was scary, but it was scary because people who had no interest in change got involved and stole and burned. 

It was scary because the government started to grab people and put them in unmarked trucks to disappear them for a few hours. 

It was scary because people like Trump thought that the military should turn their might and weaponry on the people. 

The Republicans present themselves as a party of power and glory but are afraid of foreigners, of people of color, of women, and of freedom. 

They retreat to guns and god and threats. 

Everyone with a gun and a grudge is a patriot and they are more than happy to tell you how terrible you are and weak and that you need to get over whatever it is they’re angry about. Using the label of patriot as if it’s clearance to do and say whatever they want because they belieeeeeeeve in the U-S-EH!

They are the utter worst of us…yet…here we are. 

Here we are. 

And we know where we’re heading. 

Despite all these people have shown us, there are those among us that are desperate to retreat to a time when the world seemed to make sense. A time when White folks were in charge, when women did as they were told, where people of color knew their place, and where America would drop an atom bomb on you if you came after us. 

We want to feel powerful in a world gone mad. 

We want to feel we are protected in a world that doesn’t feel the need to follow Christ. 

We want to feel that our jobs are protected while the companies slip out of town. 

We want someone to blame. 

We want someone to fight. 

We want someone to pay. 

And here come the bullies to rile us up and point out the enemies. 

Here comes the Right to tell us who is wrong. 

They’re here to take us all back to a time when people didn’t have rights because they didn’t need them and they trusted the crooked preachers and politicians to tell them who to love and who to hate and how to do it. 

And we’re going to elect these people again. 

Because we’re scared. 

We’re scared of change. 

We’re scared of ourselves. 

We’re scared of the world. 

And that scares the absolute hell out of me. 

We know where we’re heading, and it’s right over a cliff.


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