Perfect For A Halloween Shiver

When I released ARE WE MONSTERS last year it was definitely timed to be a Halloween release because it was a book of monsters, both human and otherwise.

As a fan of Halloween I love writing stories that are about or around Halloween, and while this book doesn’t really delve into the holiday, these being monster stories, they were a perfect release for that time. My hope is that these stories will share a shiver and will inspire creeps in the reader. These are stories written over the course of many years, some being written just for that collection (like a side story to my zombie book CEMETERY EARTH). I was excited about this collection because I hadn’t done a proper story collection for a few books – where the stories are not driven forward by one through-line and stood on their own hooves – so it was fun to pick out stories that fit this theme. I wanted to create a book of monsters that played off of the classics – werewolf, vampire, zombie, mummy – and those that created something different. This is a perfect October read because it taps into the shortening days and the lengthening shadows.

If you’re looking for something creepy to read this fall, this is definitely a good option and hey, it’s eve non Kindle!

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