The Titans

I always read as a kid. There was so much magic to reading that it makes me sad that kids don’t seem to have that same atmosphere to grow up around. The elements are still there but there’s so much more push to be on computers, or pull to be on cell phones, that reading… Continue reading The Titans

Save the Books!

With the recent news that the Borders book chain is going to soon be closing it gets one to thinking about the future of books and bookstores. It really is a scary, strange time for books, for authors, and for the fans of the physical reading medium. The thing right now is that e-books and… Continue reading Save the Books!

Bigger Than the Work

Summer reading season is an interesting time. I suppose it's because people take vacations around this time so I guess it's natural that books get more publicity around the warmer months, though that's pretty sad because you can always find a little time to read, I mean, really. Come on now. Anyway, it's interesting right… Continue reading Bigger Than the Work

This Weekend…

This Sunday I will be selling The Meep Sheep at Leon & Lulu's Books and Authors event. Super fun event and it's for a good cause, so if you are in the Detroit area you should totally come.   Sunday, October 10th 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Benefit for Beyond Basics Sponsored by ICU Eyewear… Continue reading This Weekend…