The Next Big Thing

I'm not sure how long ago it was but it's been at least three years now since I had the swell idea of hey, my friend Paul and I should start a publishing imprint. Like everything else I fool with, it starts with a wild idea with little thought beyond. My friend Paul and I… Continue reading The Next Big Thing

The Titans

I always read as a kid. There was so much magic to reading that it makes me sad that kids don’t seem to have that same atmosphere to grow up around. The elements are still there but there’s so much more push to be on computers, or pull to be on cell phones, that reading… Continue reading The Titans

Sharing the Love

I have a couple friends who are prolific writers and awesome people and wanted to help them get the word out about their newest efforts.   Paul Counelis has written a LOT of stuff, has written for RUE MORGUE, and is as passionate about writing as you can get. His newest book - We Dare… Continue reading Sharing the Love

Handling the Business

I think it's safe for a writer to say that it's pretty much ALWAYS frustrating when you are trying to get your name and work out there.  It's not there is no 'easy' way because I think if you're willing to pursue a dream you get over the 'easy' aspect of it pretty quickly.  Easy… Continue reading Handling the Business


If there is one thing that a writer (and any artist but I need to shrink the net here) needs to have, even more than talent, it is perseverance. You can gain talent, you can create drive, but without the willingness to keep at it against all odds then you are doomed right out of… Continue reading Perseverance

The Skelebration of Scares

On Friday, October 9th, Pages Bookstore will be host to the SKELEBRATION OF SCARES, an event that will bring a little Halloween to the monthly Art Walk in downtown Flint. The SKELEBRATION OF SCARES will feature local and regional writers and storytellers telling tales that will sends shivers down the spine and will bring in… Continue reading The Skelebration of Scares