The Chasm of But

There is a giant chasm that lies between what we Know and what we Don’t Know. A lot can get lost there. There is the old adage that the victors of a war tell the future the facts and the story, and it’s left to us and the people past us to decide how ‘true’… Continue reading The Chasm of But

With Torches Burning

As we all do our best to survive the global pandemic with our sanity and lives intact there is something horrifying and nefarious that is creeping into our daily lives and that’s the armed protestors that are appearing more and more frequently at our state’s capitols. There is reason for fear, for worry, and for… Continue reading With Torches Burning

The Death Of Politeness.

I have a problem. A sickness some may call it. You see, I call women ‘ma’am’ and men ‘sir’ when I deal with them. Now, this is even if they are family or friends. It’s meant as a sign of respect and it’s a bit of formality that I like. It’s also POLITE! I worked… Continue reading The Death Of Politeness.