The Spooky Chris Podcast – They Won’t Go Back

In which I talk about the insanity of expecting the working class to do what others won't.

Keepin’ On

            Sometimes the only thing you can do is to keep moving forward. You let your body take over, you let your mind drop into autopilot, and you keep on truckin’. During these times, that’s sometimes all you can do. The stress of the politics, the pandemic, our social strife, and then our lives. On… Continue reading Keepin’ On

Things To Come

A few weeks ago, as it seemed as if the pandemic was lessening, I started asking myself what have you done? Now, mind you, I have still been working through all of this, remotely, but I felt the weight of all of this time. I felt the weight of not being able to see friends,… Continue reading Things To Come

With Torches Burning

As we all do our best to survive the global pandemic with our sanity and lives intact there is something horrifying and nefarious that is creeping into our daily lives and that’s the armed protestors that are appearing more and more frequently at our state’s capitols. There is reason for fear, for worry, and for… Continue reading With Torches Burning

Creation To Halt Destruction

It's hard to look at the news these days and not feel the cold of a shadow overtaking your heart. These are bleak times. But they are not end times. Not unless we allow them to be them. So. What do we do. We move forward. We survive. The thing is that sometimes that means… Continue reading Creation To Halt Destruction