Sharing the Scares

There is something about the power of horror that has always held my heart. A mix of the release, the nature of the storytelling, and the craftsmanship Something about how the stories unfold. Horror creators don't get nearly the credit they deserve. It can't be easy to write in a way that taps into the… Continue reading Sharing the Scares

In Strolls The Boogeyman

I think that this is part of my yearly ritual on the lead up to Halloween. My yearly missive about haunts and haunted houses and the like. I suppose because it’s something I am passionate about and also something I feel knowledgeable enough to speak to. Anyone that loves Halloween knows about haunted houses, even… Continue reading In Strolls The Boogeyman

Give A Little Scare

As anyone who knows me will attest, I love Halloween. LOVE IT! For real. So naturally I am very passionate about the season, as witnessed by my many, many stories I have written in honor of the day. I have written almost as much about my opinions on the holiday, often trudging familiar ground over… Continue reading Give A Little Scare

Game Face – Halloween story 2017

GAME FACE “Ah, AH! That…that…” The words didn’t seem to form fast enough to stem the flow of blood. He felt it pooling under the mask and couldn’t stop what came out of his mouth if he wanted to. “…motherfucker. That goddamn motherfucker broke…”    “Shut up, son.” The man across from the kid told him… Continue reading Game Face – Halloween story 2017