Eating On Our Dead

There is a very, very thin and very gray line between what is tasteful and what is tasteless. To dance on that line is the work of the comedian or the provocateur artist. Most of us try to walk that line while checking from time to time to make sure we’re not straying over it… Continue reading Eating On Our Dead

Faded Glory – blog

            It’s strange to think back through the years of my education and history classes and to consider how true the words would ring through, truer and truer over time – history is written by the victors. So much of American history has been redacted and whitewashed to show the best side of our culture… Continue reading Faded Glory – blog

The Great Change

We are in historic times. We hear that a lot, but truly, it has never been more true than now. We are in historic times. We live during a time where we have watched social, political, and ecological changes on massive scales and we are part of all of it. For good or ill, our… Continue reading The Great Change

Living In The Folds Of History

To say that the time we are living in his surreal is an understatement but to say that they are historic is spot on. We are living in the middle of history. Big History.  The sort of history classes are framed around.  Sure, this era has been an historic one for a lot of reasons… Continue reading Living In The Folds Of History

Looking Back In Anger

Looking Back In Anger We humans and especially we Americans have a very bad habit of looking down our nose at everyone that isn’t us. We love to lecture, to harass, to harangue, and to tell people how wrong they are in their beliefs, upbringing, and the way they live their lives. We like to… Continue reading Looking Back In Anger