The Right Person

It’s a bit of a fact that the older we get the more our bodies start to show the effects of the wear and tear. We start to see, and more importantly feel what our lives have wrought on our bodies. Those late nights in our teens, the partying in our twenties, the out late… Continue reading The Right Person


It feels endlessly cowardly that after every mass shooting now the same excuse is pulled out for it - mental illness.  Mental illness has become a catch all bucket to throw all of our old fish in.  Man beats a woman, oh, well, he’s mentally ill.  Woman kills her kids, oh, she’s mentally ill.  Boy… Continue reading Ill


Today is one of those foggy days. I hate foggy days. My brain feels slower. My reaction time feels slower. I feel like I have to overcompensate for everything. The machine is still running but it’s sluggish and takes longer to warm up. I hate it. I have these foggy days more than I have… Continue reading Foggy