BLAIR WITCH – movie review

               I don’t think it’s any secret that I am a slappy for the BLAIR WITCH and all of its associated creations. I am a slappy, like I said. I remember seeing the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT a week before it came out in wide release and it blew me away. I was able to see… Continue reading BLAIR WITCH – movie review

Making Our Mythologies

Humans are a species joined by our stories. Our histories, our myths, our legends, all of those things unite us in ways that images alone cannot. Stories are the connective tissue between us and the unifying light that marks the path of humanity both forward and back. As a writer I am always keen to… Continue reading Making Our Mythologies

Seventh Moon – movie review

Seventh Moon If you want to see how different two societies are you need look no further than their films. Here is where you see the differences in myths, the different in culture, and you see how different each culture sees the world. It has been interesting through the years to see how Hollywood tries… Continue reading Seventh Moon – movie review