Everyone Deserves A Good Scare



SOMETHING IN THE WATER First it was one, then two, then three and by the end of the night there were thirteen little bodies washed ashore, their pale peace a startling reminder that brutal life existed outside of leisure in this paradise. The day was overcast and there was no one to witness the landing… Continue reading SOMETHING IN THE WATER – a story


I don't write romantic stuff a whole lot. It just isn't something that fascinates me as much as other ideas do but this came into my mind and stuck there. I tried to capture the innocence of young summer love and the naive trust in a world that you were just playing a full part… Continue reading AND WHATEVER CAME NEXT – a story

Names Without Faces

Absolutely, and without question every writer creates their own style. Even the writers that try to ape other writes have their own style. It happens. It is a part of all of us being individuals with different things that bring us to where we are and different things that bring us to writing. We all… Continue reading Names Without Faces

There Were Three – a story

This is a story I kinda fever-wrote. There may be mistakes, you need to figure out that there are two speakers, and it's weird. Have fun.THERE WERE THREEThere were three, you know.Three what?Siblings. Children. Three.Oh, um, OK, so uh, you have kids?No, not me. No. In the darkness there were three. The three came from… Continue reading There Were Three – a story

Red Dreams – book of terror

When putting RED DREAMS together I wanted to set a tone and it began with the books cover. I wanted stories that would get under people’s skin and bother them. The stories in this book are born of blood and meant to infect you with darkness and to give you very dark, very red dreams.… Continue reading Red Dreams – book of terror

Tips Off The Top

As far as I have had my blogs, and we’re talking a lot of time now, a lot of years, since nearly 2000 so that’s a lot of years and a lot of rambling and as much as I may like to think I have nothing but pearls of wisdom and deep thoughts to offer… Continue reading Tips Off The Top

To Those In Need–a story

To Those In Need     The snow was falling. This wasn’t the first snow of the season but this was the most significant snow, the first real snow. The city was huddled together against the cold and spreading darkness but passed in silence, defenses up against forced holiday cheer. As the snow falls the darkness… Continue reading To Those In Need–a story

A Book, Is A Book, Is A Book…

With the advent and infiltration of the e-reader and the tablet into the marketplace and popular culture there is a sudden rising fear with writers and readers alike that the book as a physical thing is in its last days, something that is sorta sad and funny at the same time. It isn't sad because… Continue reading A Book, Is A Book, Is A Book…

It's a Perfect Time for a Good Scare

Looking for some great new stories? Check out the Masters of Macabre contest, give the stories a spin, and see which you like best. http://mastersofmacabre.wordpress.com/ The best part is that YOU get to pick the best story. Awesome. Check out the link and the great stories. c

New Fiction Coming Your Way

Not only do I have a new book out -Noches De Corazones Negros but I also have a new story going online on Thursday, September 15th on Horroraddicts.net The story is part of their Masters of Macabre contest and the audience chooses which story they like best. I think mine is a pretty fun tale.… Continue reading New Fiction Coming Your Way

The Road Ahead

It isn't easy being a prognosticator. You stand on the edge of a fog shrouded precipice and try to guess whether or not there's a place to step just within the gloom. You try to look into the future based on the present and decide what comes next, and it isn't any fun. Alas, in… Continue reading The Road Ahead