Burn Your Idols

         There’s something about humans that makes us need to have people to look up to and strive towards. It makes sense. From when we’re young through our entire lives we are looking for people that can show us the way. Looking for behaviors to pattern and actions to emulate. Life is confusing and trying… Continue reading Burn Your Idols

The Spotlight

If I had to tell you who on earth decides to undertake event coordination as an avocation, you know, for funsies, I’d break it down into two types of people. The person in it for themselves. The person in it for the community. Now, that isn’t to say that the person more focused on the… Continue reading The Spotlight

On Being An Apocalyptic City And Finding Hope In The Flames

I have been stewing for a few days on the most recent ‘article’ which offers up Flint as public sacrifice to the gods of ‘page views’ and ‘controversy’. I was shocked to see another missive on how terrible, and deadly, and dangerous the city is from another person who has never been within a hundred… Continue reading On Being An Apocalyptic City And Finding Hope In The Flames

Of Art And Public

There is a certain sort of madness that you need to suffer from (and give in to) to pursue art. You have to be willing to open yourself up, artistically and emotionally, to the world’s derision, judgment, and to the expertise of everyone who is a sudden expert on whatever it is you were trying… Continue reading Of Art And Public


   Despite what bloggers may think blogs change very little. At best they make you think, or make you laugh, or show you something you didn’t know was out there. But it’s in those moments that the spark of an inferno lays.   Flint is a city notorious for its issues and it gets frustrating to… Continue reading Reclamation

Raising A Glass To 625 pt. 2 – Where I Come From…

It's interesting how something can rile up so many feelings in yourself and others. I had posted elsewhere a status that I had tired of holding my tongue on the state of Flint's 'art scene'. It ended up getting a bit of response, some pro my thought and some con, but it made me realize… Continue reading Raising A Glass To 625 pt. 2 – Where I Come From…

Free For All

I mentioned in my last post MY theories on why the Arts have been in a slow motion decline.  There's no science or research in my opinion outside of simply being in a small scene and seeing how things seem to be trending.  One of the issues I brought up was the idea of cost. … Continue reading Free For All

Saving Flint Through Art

As a resident of downtown Flint for over five years now and I am always curious when I hear about ways to fix, save, or enliven Flint. Especially when it involves the arts. Now, I live downtown, the area of the city that is getting the most attention right now, for good or ill. To… Continue reading Saving Flint Through Art