Cemetery Earth – a novel

The new book is done.

Just waiting for it to be approved for printing and then I can push forward with it.


The book is called Cemetery Earth and is a novel about the undead. It’s a novel of short stories with two characters that emerge from the wreckage of the world to serve as main characters on this journey. I started the first story in the book in the early 2000s and hadn’t really known I was writing what would become a novel until I discovered Hunter, the boy who drives the book and who really centers the book. When I found him I realized that this was more than a few stories, this was a book.

The funny thing for me is that SO MUCH has changed since I first had visions of the book. What it became is so different and I am glad. This is the book it was meant to be. There’s some fun stuff in it that I have never seen in zombie literature or movies so hopefully people like that.

We shall see.

I think that another one of the things that changed for the better was the cover. I had a drawn cover I had always imagined using but at the last second realized that I may not do the book justice so I did a photo shoot with the lady and from that the cover was born. My friend Loren did some illustration work on the photo and gave it the look that I wanted and I am really pleased with it.

Cemetery Earth is 486 pages long and will sell for $15 in paperback and $5 on Kindle.

This is the back copy –

Cemetery Earth

The Age of Man is coming to an end. After a long and steady decline into shadows the world has fallen into darkness and the twilight of Man has come. It is the Dead Age. Driven by an unseen master and a burning rage the dead rise from their earthen graves to feast upon the living and send them into extinction. But as the twilight of Man begins there rises a resistance and the dimmest glimmer of hope.





In the end there is only darkness.

This is the Dead Age

This is Cemetery Earth.

Here are a couple sample cover images.

These were a couple of the germs that inspired what the cover became.

possible cover idea

Cover Idea 04

The book will be out VERY soon.

I can’t wait.


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