The Spooky Chris Podcast – Fan Service

In which I talk about being a geek and the weird entitlement that tends to breed.

The Big Con

I think over the years I have been writing in this blog that it's clear enough that I love conventions. As far as I can figure, Fangoria's WEEKEND OF HORRORS was my first (and second), with the Motor City Comic Conventions coming after and by then I was hooked. I loved conventions, the WEEKEND more… Continue reading The Big Con

And The Geeks Shall Inherit Themselves

Sometimes it feels like I go around and around on a topic so many times, from so many angles, that I am living in a strange sort of time loop and am not really getting anywhere. But it’s not that I am not getting anywhere, people are the ones not getting anywhere. The people in… Continue reading And The Geeks Shall Inherit Themselves