Introducing – THIS IS A DOOR

I am so, so excited to introduce you to my newest book THIS IS A DOOR, my first book of photography.

I have struggled for a lot of my life with the many things I love to do but don’t feel like I am good enough to say that I really DO it. I love to paint, I love making music, I love taking photographs, I love making movies. I just don’t feel like I am good at ANY of those things. I feel like a fraud. I know people who are really, really good at all of those creative endeavors and I feel sort of shamed to think that I am working in the same realm as they are. That doesn’t take my love away, but it makes me feel like I am dabbling and nothing else.

The funny thing though is that I made more money selling one photograph than I usually make at a whole convention selling books. It wasn’t the most artisic of photos but it was published in a book about Detroit and it was legit money.

I have sold paintings.

I have sold a photo.

I made music with a friend for my movies.

I made movies with friends – and have sold them.

So why am I a fraud?

I dunno.

Because I feel like one.

Because I loved to draw and was told I was awful at it and that has stuck with me.

So What then is this?

THIS IS A DOOR is a book of my photography, the beautiful and the strange, in all of its glory.

It is a book for me and to spite me because I needed to do it.

I need to challenge myself and stretch myself and keep pushing myself. I need to keep evolving.

I will always write stories but I like to tell stories other ways too and this is one of those ways. If people get it, if they buy it, if they believe in it doens’t matter as much as the fact that it’s real and it exists.

I am very happy with the book and what it represents.

I am excited because it will push me to keep stretching and maybe to put another book of photos out or something else that is different than I usually put out.

This is a book of photos and words that tells the story of me, and of my inspiration, love, and horror.

This book was for me but I really hope you check it out and dig it too.

I think you will.

Click the image to buy the book!


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