A Mystery Is Afoot!

When I wrote my mystery novella a few years back I wrote it in a flurry, trying desperately to get it done before the end of the month so it would be done on time for the publisher. It had been a challenge, writing in a genre I didn’t read, and certainly didn’t write, but it was one I was anxious to try my hand at. Truly, there was nothing to lose. Pushing myself, I was able to get the book finished two days before the month was out and I thought it turned out pretty decent, though I wasn’t going to be sure until I dug into an edit of it.

The publisher took it, they were going to run it through an edit, and that’d be that.

The publication was to happen in February of the next year and I was excited to see it come out. I have never had a full book published by someone other than me and this was an exciting time. Sure, the book would have a nom de plume on it, a fake author, but that was fine, I still knew I wrote it. As the weeks and months passed though I never heard more about the release or how or even IF I was going to be paid.

The money wasn’t the focus but it was a question, and one of many.

As January came the book was pushed back to late in the year.

Then it fell off the calendar completely as another, bigger party entered and was going to publish mine and some other books that the original publisher was going to put out. It meant things were pushed off even longer, but hey, that was OK, because it meant a wider release.

Only there was no communication after this new entity came on, and I mean none.

I had no idea if my book was going to come out or if I was going to be paid.

Things finally fell through and the original person came back and said – I’ll put it out.

Content, I went on to other projects and put it in the back of my mind until…


I finally reached a point where I realized that I wanted to see what this book was, and what it could be. I clashed with the publisher on the cover and that tipped me to needing that I might need to look in another direction for the book.

So I did.

I looked in the mirror and took the book back.

Having just finished the edit, and having laid it out, I really, really like it.

I had forgotten how personal the book was to me in all the time that had passed.

So I have engaged a friend to do an art piece for my cover, and once that’s done this little baby is going to finally be born.

My cozy little mystery about old folks in a retirement home trying to solve a crime.

I am really excited.

The PLAN is to release in early 2023, so my first book release for that year (one of many, phew!).

Buckle up friends, things are going to get weird around here!


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