It’s a shame that we focus so much attention on the space three feet in front of us and not the space around us because we miss so much. We are animals with a recency bias and while we look to the past, and think of the future, it is the moment that suspends us. … Continue reading Absence

When We’re Dead

I think most of us, deep down, hope we're not forgotten when we're dead. I think we hope that should there be a viewing, a funeral, or just a gathering, will not be forgotten. I think though, that we may be mistaken if we believe that there will be a big showing because sometimes we're… Continue reading When We’re Dead

There Is Only Down

When I lost mom I felt like I was falling.  Falling and would never stop falling.  There was only down.  When my mom entered hospice it came with it a surreal feeling of deja vu.  Wasn’t she already IN hospice care? You see, for several months mom’s health had been declining and in that she… Continue reading There Is Only Down

Letting It Go

It's a heck of a thing to be able to walk away from the last word. To close your mouth, push your tongue against the backs of your teeth, and to set your jaw firmly. Harder still when you feel, as most of us do from time to time, you have been wronged. I HAVE… Continue reading Letting It Go

For Those Who Survive

For those that survive, the darkness has yet to pass. The darkness, that great black curtain that falls any time we lose someone we love, is a living thing that morphs and evolves day by day as you remember things once forgotten and regret things never done or said. The darkness that haunts us for… Continue reading For Those Who Survive