The Burning Roots

I think I started writing about the witch trees in the early 2000s. I am not sure what made me come up with them, the idea of trees that were a sort of witch's coven but far more powerful Far more dangerous. They were creatures, not of earth but part of a larger, darker picture… Continue reading The Burning Roots

The Sudden Book

In the time I have had since losing my job I have gotten a chance to write a lot. I completed and put together my novel ROAD KILL, I wrote a script for a short film I am going to make this year, I have written some short articles for a website, and finally I made… Continue reading The Sudden Book

Making Our Mythologies

Humans are a species joined by our stories. Our histories, our myths, our legends, all of those things unite us in ways that images alone cannot. Stories are the connective tissue between us and the unifying light that marks the path of humanity both forward and back. As a writer I am always keen to… Continue reading Making Our Mythologies