MANIAC – review

            Can I just say right now that watching a movie this gnarly and sleazy in 4K is SO WEIRD! I am not really reviewing this as a sort of home release thing, but the film has never looked better. It’s still grimy, there’s tons of film grain, but it’s bright, it’s clear, and man… Continue reading MANIAC – review

He Knows You’re Alone – review

            As a horror fan and past that a slasher film fan there’s nothing worse than a boring slasher. For me, I want them to be fun (or dark), a bit of a whodunnit with a mystery about WHO is killing or WHY they are doing it, and I wanna have a big and fun… Continue reading He Knows You’re Alone – review

Bleading Lady

I think I discovered a new type of movie, a new subgenre. No, it's true. Torture Corn. Movies about torturing and killing people but which are not serious in the least. Hm, no, that isn't right. Rats. I'll work on it. Anyway, the movie that inspired this new idea for a subgenre is Bleading Lady,… Continue reading Bleading Lady

Slasher – movie review

Oh boy, oh boy. Wow. What do you get when you cross Jason Voorhees with Fred Krueger and Leatherface (whose name is like Bubba or something, I forget)? You get this awful film which wants so terribly to be cool that it starts aping The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the worst of ways. What do… Continue reading Slasher – movie review

The Prowler – a review

For horror fans the 1970s and ‘80s serve as a sort of wonderland of classic movies, a golden age if you will. A large reason why is that special effects really came into their own in this era and the MPAA had not clamped down yet on the gratuitous sex and violence. The movies thus… Continue reading The Prowler – a review