Well, How Do Ya Do?

Once in a while it’s good to re-introduce yourself so, hi, my name’s Chris, I am a writer, reviewer, blogger, and arty-type. Hi there. Look around here and you’ll find my movie reviews, some stories, some art, and other fun stuff. To the right there are the links to my art and books, and where you can order my books, if you are so inclined.

I have a for-reals bio to the right as well.

I don’t have an ‘artist’s statement’. I just do what I do because I am able to. I am very imaginative, very weird, and like to exercise both parts of my personality. THE MEEP SHEEP is a fun little book of fairy tales that are safe for both young and old, and my first two books BACK FROM NOTHING and THIS BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS are more for the older audience and are stories that are far darker in nature. My books can be found on Amazon.com but if you are interested in them check the links to the right and order from there. I get more dough that way.

I realize I will never make a living writing, or with my art, that’s just a dream that few can see come true, but I love this enough to do it for that alone – the love, and for YOU, and the simple hope that along the way I make enough to  help pay the bills and to keep being able to do what I do.

My art is generally silly but it makes me smile and I hope it will make you smile as well. If any of that interests you just shoot me and email and I can let you know the price and availability.

Feel free to look around.

Thanks for stopping by.


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