The Kreep Sheep–a dark fairy tale–$1 On Kindle!

The follow-up to my fairy tale The Meep Sheep, this is a book that continues in that tradition with stories of the World of Man, the Meep Sheep, the panda kingdom, and more. The Kreep Sheep is full of stories of the past and the future and fills in some of the gaps of history from the first book. If you love fairy tales, especially dark ones, then this is the book for you.

An Excerpt –

The Carnival King


There was a buzz running through the Kingdom of Man that was hard to ignore; it ran from the towns, through the forests, from the Great Thicket to here, where the crown and the Mistresses lived. All across the Kingdom things were being made ready for the Father’s Fair. After the Great Wars of the past the Kingdom had turned away from the rule of the kings and had sought a new rule, a new law, and with the guidance of the Song Mothers, who were first to come to this land from across the sea, and were the first to tame the wilds of what became the Kingdom, the first even to make contact and forge a friendship with the Pandas, a new chain of rule was created. The Kingdom would be ruled by a Queen, and this Queen would come from a royal lineage that lead back to the land across the seas, and which was connected to the Mothers themselves, and this woman would be known as a Mistress of Magic – someone who could wield magic in the name of the light and who would use it to lead the land away from the wars that had done so much damage to the people and Kingdom itself. While the world had literally changed since the Mistresses took over the rule, this did not mean that the Father’s of the Kingdom were forgotten for it was Highland Fathers that came across the far hills to meet with and befriend the Song Mothers first of all and it was from these men that the first Kings were born in the time before the Great Fall and the rise of King Brundt. The Father’s Festival was a chance for the Kingdom to remember the great deeds of the first kings, the Highland Fathers, and indeed all fathers, and was a time to rejoice and celebrate. For the Crown City this was made even more special as this was the place where the Carnival King would make his first appearance in nearly ten years. Even getting an audience with the Carnival King had been a dicey prospect after a run in with the woman known as Lady Hush, and the thing she called a daughter. Had it not been for the intervention of some of the animals of the land the King and his troupe may have been lost. That was then though and nothing like that had happened in the Kingdom of Man since Queen Anamare had taken the throne and so he had granted her an audience via Seeing Stone and she was somehow able to convince him to cross the seas once more and to travel the Kingdom. To say there was a buzz is like calling An Iperbah a Wumzoople. The air was electric with excitement.

Everyone was excited it seemed save for one very conspicuous person, the daughter of the Queen – Princess Messy. Miss Messy had heard all about the Carnival King and how great he and his troupe were from her teachers and Mr. Naysmith, her mother’s assistant and her keeper, or at least that’s what he seemed like. Any time Messy wanted to wander off and play in the mud, wanted to go for a walk in the woods, or wanted to do anything fun he was right there to make sure she had homework or chores or something else to do that kept her from getting into any trouble. What she needed more than anything though was trouble, and it seemed Mr. Naysmith was finally picking up on that. Rather, her mother had picked up on it and insisted that Mr. Naysmith let loose on the reigns a little, and the coming of the Carnival King was the perfect time for that.

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