Looking for Agents and Publishers In All the Wrong Places

I, like about a ma-JILLION writers out there, am looking to generate some interest in a book. The book in question is my novel A Shadow Over Ever. I love the heck out of this book, and I am not saying that just because I began working on it eighteen years ago. Ok, that’s a reason to love it, let’s not be ridiculous here. I truly do love this book. It is something I never would have imagined I’d be capable of when I began writing it as a short story back in 1994. Since that time it has grown, matured, and if you look close, it has a couple whiskers.


Well, I have not had the easiest time finding someone to either publish or represent the book so I figured I would post some info about the book here in case someone happened by and was interested in it. Can’t hurt, right?


I believe in this book. Completely. And I will self publish it if I have to but I’d rather not. I want this to have a chance to make it into more hands than self publishing can lead to.

So, for your consideration, dear reader –

A Shadow Over Ever

Approximately 180,000 words

A Shadow Over Ever is the story of Pete Anders, a man who had wanted nothing in the world but to remain anonymous but who is pulled into the heart of the greatest conflict to ever face Mankind and forced to become a hero for a world he no longer believes in.

After the death of his beloved his mind turns to vengeance and he turns his rage towards the town that has always treated him as an exile. His revenge is short lived though when his conscience gets the better of him but his brother, watching as Pete goes mad, isn’t ready for the blood to stop and continues the killing and creates the legend of Pete. When Pete finds he’s been framed it’s too late and death is the only thing to comfort him.

Even in death though there is no comfort for Pete, as he is awakened in his grave by the sounds of teenagers having sex on his grave. This time he decides that his vengeance is best served going after the people responsible for the death of his beloved and so he hunts them down one, by one, until he is left to face his brother at his very own grave. By this point though Pete’s need for blood has been satisfied and all he wants is to be done with everything and so he allows his brother to finish him in the hopes to find peace.

There is no peace for Pete Anders though and after his earthly death his journey begins in earnest. He awakens in Hell and is to be escorted to a private audience before the Creator, who is engaged in a war with its last remaining sibling. This sibling is the utter opposite of the Creator, and is a Destroyer and seeks to end all things in existence. Humanity is the last remaining thing standing between this destroyer and its goal. Life will not end without a fight though and, for reasons Pete will struggle to understand, he has been chosen as the man to lead the forces of the Creator against this enemy and against the First Children of Eden, who have taken sides with the darkness.

In a war that will engulf Mankind and will push a man to find the greatness in himself and to conquer the darkness that has always plagued him in order to defeat a true Darkness, everything is at risk as the last days for existence play out.

Pete Anders never asked for forgiveness but in order to become whole he must find forgiveness in himself and save a world he’s never felt a part of and trust in a god he’s never believed in.

About author Chris Ringler and his book –

A Shadow Over Ever is an epic fantasy/horror story about one man’s quest to save a world he doesn’t believe in any more and who must not only find belief in Mankind, but in himself as well. This is a story that deals with a war between the forces of heaven and the first children of Eden, in a fight that could mean the end of all existence. The idea behind the book is to examine ideas of redemption, faith, and to make a hero of a character many may initially see as a villain. This is a dark novel with touches of horror and fantasy and could be best classified as horror. I have completed work on the book and it is approximately 180,000 words.

In my career I have published six books from horror to fairy tale and have had several stories published. In 2011 I won Best In Blood for the website Horroraddicts and have had stories on their podcast and was published in Bare Bone #s 6, 7, and 9 as well as having had a story published in the November, 2005 issue of Cthulhu Sex Magazine. I have also received honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror #19s and 20. I am very active in the promotion of my books and do several art shows and conventions each year to promote my work.



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